There seem to be more of us artists on twitter everyday- on the face of it, that’s a good thing (I’m faaar from a hater). The only problem is, alot of us are threatening to turn this pristine, super-dope enviroment into another over-saturated, spam-heavy myspace…  or facebook… pleeez don’t.


2 Responses to “TWITTER 101 FOR ARTISTS”

  1. I definitely agree with you on this one. Twitter already have enough marketers on there trying to sell something. I dont mind the album plug but i (sounds selfish i know) would rather hear details on the making of the album/song (ie-im about to go in the booth, just laid a vocal down, having my blah blah mixed down and it sounds like i need to go back in) not just new album dropping buy my shit buy my shit buy my shit!

  2. Make twitter do what it do. What ever you do don’t go for the sale go for the relationship and build the money will follow.

    peace coolwater

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