Get MONEY...not a job...  HaZiQ :-$ (

Get MONEY...not a job... HaZiQ :-$ (





When i perform@ different venues around and about- one of people’s favorite songs of mine is this joint called “Hustle or Kill ya’Self…” while the title/hook is understandably kinda controversial… I find it to be pretty palatable a concept for those who are real with themselves… so from time to time I’ll have different column-style editions to this blog that’ll be named just that…

Why “Hustle or Kill Ya Self ?” some will ask. Fair question, and here’s the fair answer- ‘cause that’s the ANTHEM!! Most of us understand that life; from plants to people- can only go in two directions: it can either grow or die. Wellll, I truly believe that if you’re not on this planet providing product and/or service to your fellow man; if you’re one of the many artists, entrepreneurs, or even employees- who walk around feeling like the world owes you something because you’re so great- you’re dying slow anyway. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, the feeling of entitlement is a sure path to homelessness, divorce, and/or all-around unhappiness- I guarantee it. I guarantee that if you don’t seek to become valuable in some way to the people you value- you WILL end up a loser- stuck in your own personal hell. And hey, if that’s the life path you’re choosing for yourself, you might as well…


BUT”, you say, “I HAVE (product) cd’s, beats, and raps out the ass, and I cant GIVE em away- much less SELL ‘em”… Well, yeah- I get it, and I see it all the time- that, my friend, is where this blog comes in. I promise that this column will be jam-packed each month with tips and strategy that you can use to go out and IMMEDIATELY boost your income (Just add Hustle!!). Enough with the foreplay tho….

Hustlin’ is usually a nickname for sales of some sort and as we all know, sales is the number one talent needed to amass great wealth (please don’t confuse this with ‘trappin’ since crack & dope sells itself. In fact I think drug-dealing and its fast, easy money ruin most for REAL hustlin’ where u may find yourself havin to sell ice to the Eskimo). What is the first thing everyone sells everyday? Themselves! Have you ever walked in a restaurant, or a store and had someone blow your vibe enough that you just walked out? This salesperson was so bad, they couldn’t even close a sale the customer himself (you) wanted to make!! Amazing but true. You first sell yourself to the customer or you will sell nothing at all…but how do you sell yourself? What can you do about being a better salesperson today, right now, after u log off from this article? I’ll tell you…



1] Image– No one likes a loser. How do u look? Honestly? Do you look like some ‘snap music’ reject who never got his check? Why? If in your field, its always better to stand out (in a good way), do you?
2]Speaking Ability– Practice, practice, practice. Stop talking like you chewin’ on a Black & Mild. Write a sales pitch, and practice that. Few skills will serve u as well- esp. as an artist! (& what the hell, go head and invest in some mints- )

3] Your Attitude– really does determine your altitude. People respond to enthusiasm. Go in knowing that if u think u can, or u think u cant- you’re absolutely right!
4] Rapport– the connection, the bond you form, the common ground you find with the prospect. How warm a vibe do u create? Can u make a potential customer smile? We all know when u 1st meet, the prospect is usually thinkin’ ”Who the hell are you and why should I care?”, that’s normal. If you walk away and they’re STILL thinking that- it’s a problem

5] Product/Audience Knowledge– Might sound simple but you can’t be convincing if you don’t know your product. It also helps incredibly when you know exactly who you’re selling to. How well you know each determines how much of a genius- or an idiot you appear to be…

6] Preparedness– This what you’re doing right now, for instance, by reading this… Preparation builds confidence when you’ve done it- or destroys it when u haven’t. Have you ever heard that most don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan?
7] Creativity– How do you make certain you stand out from your competition? How do you follow up w/contacts in a way that doesn’t just beg for the sale?
8] Reputation– Your credibility, street or otherwise, says a lot about you. The way your rep precedes you can definitely open doors- or close them!

9]Swaggger– How you put all the elements together to form your package! Do you exude confidence, or do u move around like a nerd? Do you come off like you really belong in prison, and just ain’t been caught yet? If so, it could be hurtin your sales a little…
10] Desire to Help– Last because it’s the most important of them all!! This goes back to the opening statement doesn’t it? We’re all on this big ball of dirt to serve mankind. Your desire to truly help others shines through all the other BS U may not be as sharp with. Does your desire-to-help side outweigh your greedy side?

Action Point:

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in each category to see how “great” you REALLY are. Score of 90- perfect 100 means you’re pretty damn good- and probably getting better every day…And remember: even with (giving yourself) perfect 10’s in ALL these categories, you stillaint entitled to nothing…


79-89: you’re climbin the ladder

60-78: You aint the hustler u think u are

40-59: Your sales- and your success level- suck- but least u know now- get busy!

0-39: Kill ya self!

Everyday I’m Hustlin,

Haziq Ali


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