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10 things to do directly after a networking event… (&let’s be honest, what isn’t?)

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Your network is your net-worth!

Your network is your net-worth!

We’ve alllllll been there. You go to the event, you meet all types of interesting people, you collect business cards, you have engaging conversations, you like the people- they seemed to like you- THEN YOU GET HOME and the next day your enthusiasm goes down- you tell ya’self you’re going to reach out the next day, then the day after that… before you know it, a month later you come across some business card and cant even remember where you got it. Or WORSE, you DO remember them- and they’ve forgotten YOU!

Here’s how to prevent this sad state of affairs from happening to you…(click here)

And before u begin, lemme jus add to this (shouts out to Tj Chapman) that u should also call the person… email doesn’t always work these days….


The #1 stumbling block to you being RICH… (&-i-guarantee-it!)

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This doesn't explain it all...but I'll get to the rest in a minute..(j/k!)

This doesn't explain it all...but I'll get to the rest in a minute..(j/k!)

So you’re smart, creative, energetic etc etc (of course you are, or my blog would never interest you LOL) so what’s the deal? why havent u already retired with your feet up on the French Riviera or Turks and Caicos? Here it is- let me know how much of it you recognixe in your own life… &if this helps you in anyway.  This is the reason why, esp. on Twitter- im going to start creating a system of accountability partnership. You’ll see what i mean. (One of my favorite quotes is you can’t hold a torch to someone else’s path without also lighting your own….click here and I PROMISE YOU it’s going to answer some burning questions you’ve had….) Enjoy…

The Bill Gates Lessons (Businessman or Artist?)

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Well it goes without saying that Mr BillionaireGates is the world’s richest self-made man. But How did he get that way?
Have you read Outliers? If not, I highly suggest it. It definitely sheds some light on parts of Mr Gate’s story we aren’t often made aware of. What i love about the following article though, is how they break down the crux of the Bill Gates success story. Two observation they make that remind me of every successful artist i know of or have worked with: 1) he obsessively clung to his initial vision, and 2) he created a platform based upon individuality and a love for the ‘craft’ first…
Of course a 3rd observation the article makes that doesnt sound so ‘artist-y” is he aggressively made sure his team was getting goals accomplished that set the team up to grow RAPIDLY and for the LONG-TERM! These are major lessons for all of us here :-$ enjoy….(click here for entreprenuer profile on Bill Gates)

On a side note, here are some pictures of his main home… the thing is, most of the house is built underground into the hillside, so it looks much smaller than it actually is. For instance, you won’t see the actual stream that flows from outside through the property…but I think you’ll get the point though. (Click Here for a Virtual Tour of Gates Manor)

The 100 best ways for your music to get attention (as written by Billboard)

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Article can also be found in the 9/27/08 edition if u subscribe...

Article can also be found in the 9/27/08 edition if u subscribe...

The bad good news is: If you are in the ‘urban’ world like me- this article might be a little depressing inspiring because it’s going to make u get even MORE creative…. The good better news is radio doesnt even get mentioned until like #99 or so… out of 100!! Enjoy…. Let me warn you though, you may wanna get out yr pad&pen before you start reading this- there are aLOT of great names u may wanna google later so u can commit their faces to memory. It’s no longer Maybe it was never about running up on the Jason Geter’s when u see ’em out eating with his family…LOL…oh, we’ve all done it don’t front….

September 27, 2008
Billboard Staff

It wasn’t so long ago that a comprehensive promo plan meant working a record to radio and maybe buying ads in the local alternative paper when a band went on tour. This may sound quaint, or maybe, if your job depends on successfully promoing a band, it sounds blissfully simple.

Today the ways artists can promote their music have proliferated so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with what’s new — what’s actually cutting through the clutter. It’s in this context that Billboard decided to geek out with 20 promotions and publicity experts across genres and mediums to creat the ultimate multimedia metric: Our first Maximum Exposure list.

Ever wonder about the relative value of a cover of Rolling Stone, a gig on “Oprah” or a song on “Gossip Girl”? Read on.
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For Bosses Only: Simple Q & A’s for project success…

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Sooooo… you say you have a project you need your team to execute and want to make certain you both: (a)hit the targets you’re envisioning beforehand and (b)continue to grow afterwards? Good goals. Well Signet Research and Consulting suggests a few simple queries I think you should really like…. Continue reading

The Adventures of Hollywood HaZ!Q (ft. Will-i-Am & Kelis)

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Aaargh! It sucks I can't rememb this artist's name- he was DOPE too!

Aaargh! It sucks I can't rememb this artist's name- he was DOPE too!

Obviously you know the music business takes us a little bit of everywhere… well my goal is to share it with you Ladies and G’s, so that as we get bigger, you get bigger too! Like my homie Rovella says- I dont see haters losers, i see thru haters losers! I know u feel me…

At any rate, this was a whooole other kind of artist on display in this joint. Kelis took me on a whole tour of the place and really educated me on gallery etiquette, styles of painting, etc- As a matter of fact, Ive even started collecting since I filmed this. The one thing Im not clear on yet is the way art is priced. You’re gonna see everything from a big Face (dunno how else to describe it- you’ll see LOL)that was priced at $30,000 (now THAS what i call big-face hundreds) to a handmade turntable phonograph Will-I-Am made that sold for $150,000!! Enjoy….

DC x ATL = should be a mean, mean show….

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....and just added to the show...HaZiQ!!

....and just added to the show...HaZiQ!!

I dont know if ya’ll know B.O.B. but young Bobby Ray been goin hard for a minute (featured on TI’s album, Nintendo commercials, TVshows, produced a couple joints for me, etc etc), Wale’ and UCB have been crushin arenas (not a typo) w/ that DC vibe all around the world (Australia to the UK), Playboy Tre is gonna make sure ya’ll remember him before the nite is over- i promise you, XO band BEEN holdin it for DC in the A since they took away Freaknik (yeah it was DCmetro club that started freaknik- stop hatin’ hahaaahaaa)DJ Singh got a helluva go-go mixtape hosted by Big Coop from XO band hurtin the streets rite now (click here for Fader Magazine download link of the mixtape) featuring yours truly, Wale’, Killa Mike, Reaction Band, etc etc and its all hosted by Greg Street of V-103… The only one missin from the bill this Friday is my biz partner tabi Bonney &that’s cuz he’s bangin on the pop side of things in Miami for the Winter Music Conference (dont worry Tabs, i got us!)… But if you’re in Atlanta this Friday, March 27th- I’ll see u there!